Covid 19 Protection Screens

Covid 19 Protection Screens

We are now offering Covid 19 Screen fitments to help taxi drivers and firms protect themselves and their customers during the coronavirus outbreak. Allowing them to transport passengers safely.

All customers must:

  • Inform their insurance company to check their insurance will still be valid with the protection screens being in place during coronavirus outbreak.
  • Inform their council to get authorisation for an agreement that the screen will be temporary and will be removed once the social distancing restrictions has been removed. Most councils are saying within 21 days of restrictions being lifted.

Our Covid 19 Protection Screens are:

  • made from 2mm flexible polycarbonate.

  • installed at our premises where we offer a safe environment following government guidelines of social distancing.
  • the screens have edging strips to help with making a secure fit.
  • screens are custom made to fit all vehicle types.

  • all screens are a temporary structure and are not permanently fitted to the vehicle.
  • all screens are fitted in a way not to affect the structural integrity of the vehicles or to interfere with safety equipment such as airbags.

  • they are fitted to separate the front seats from the rear only and not just the drivers seat.

  • all screens and vehicles should be disinfected between passenger pick ups to help stop the spread of the virus.

These screens are a precautionary measure and we hold no responsibility if any persons contact coronavirus.

  • All screens £250 including VAT

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